Another ex-Apple staff company debuts

the register reports that once again a new startup company, founded by ex-apple employees, has debuted with a new palm sized PC. Notably one with 10GB harddisk, and up to 1GHz Transmeta Crusoe chip, it also has wireless LAN and Bluetooth, and up to 8 hours of battery life, according to OQO, the company behind that midget PC.

Looney alert

the register has a funny piece about some American loonatic fundamentalist, who's now trying to tell us, Apple was forcing people into accepting darwinism and communism (Due to Darwin and the Open Source project it is part of). It's not quite certain, whether the whole thing is meant seriously, but it's funny nonetheless.

AIM news

MacCentral has some rather interesting news around the developments within the Apple-IBM-Motorola (AIM) alliance. Aparently IBM and Moto are diverging more and more from each other, going their own ways for their own markets of interest.
What should be interesting to see, is whether IBM's new alliance with Sony and Toshiba is going to have more "success", than AIM did. Anyway,both companies still believe strongly into the PPC architecture, and so do we, or not?


xlr8yourmac -you guessed it- has various news on various topics, among them some first reader reports on the OWC 533/550 G4 upgrade cards (with 5:2 cache ratio, thus probably slower than the 2:1 500MHz version for many tasks) and some tips how to set up an open-source server using MacOS X Server.

Xbox creator leaves MS

Shacknews linked to Gamespot where they have an interview with Seamus Blackley, co-creator and technical director of the famous (and failed) Xbox. He admits there were a lot of mistakes made, and few corrected too late. He's drawing his consequences and is leaving Microsoft. Not to my surprise, after reading the interview.
I read an article about the failure of the Xbox here in Switzerland in the newspaper yesterday and they're talking about similar reasons. Aparently some supermarkets here still sit on their first shipment of Xboxes (maybe a few dozen),while the PS2 had sold in the first 5 Minutes when it was launched 2 years ago in the same store...
I wonder how much of an effect the drastic price drop is going to have here in Europe (and I wonder even more why MS was trying to rip us off).

More Mac news

MacNN has a lot of infobits all around the Mac. What just catched my eye is an ongoing problem with GeForce 4MX driven displays in the latest PowerMacs. If this turns out to be the same thing I have...brb.

XP weakness to Apple's benefit?

MacCentral notes that a columnist over at Forbes thinks that the dissapointing Windows XP is just another reason for everybody to give Apple a chance and take a look. I doubt too many people are going to switch to Mac OS X because Windows XP once again doesn't hold what it promised. These guys are used to dissappointment, they don't care anymore.

Slashdot Apple news

Slashdot has a few interesting reports on new developer tools that have been seeded for Mac OS X, and several other interesting news bits. Of course it mostly interesting for professionals and geeks, but it's definitely interesting to read why an iBook is a great Linux machine, isn't it?

Conclusion of the week
Got my 9.2.2 stable again, needed a clean install (upgrading from a 3 year old 8.6 install was a bad idea). Only Netscape keeps crashing, but that's old news, and BBEdit has some problems with my archives file, most certainly file corruption.
What's really bugging me is that there still seems to be a conflict between my G4 card software and the ATI OpenGL renderer. It keeps displaying random garbage. The techs are informed.