Intel ships Dual Xeons

the register proves once again, that Apple has got to get some new hardware out soon, very soon. Intel is now shipping Dual 2.4GHz Xeon machines, with hyperthreading and 512K of L2 cache on die. The mainboard that support that thing offer PCI-X and DDR-SDRAM. Woohoo, Apple?

Another Apple bundle

MacWorld UK notes there's another rebate bundle from Apple in the UK, any G4 with a 17" LCD and a 3 year Apple Care protection plan gets 207 off.

Platfrom switching: less hassle than many think

CNet has an article about why and how much easier switching between Mac and PC has become.
They have guides for both directions Mac to PC and vice versa, and this is certainly a good read for all you PC users out there, even if you don't want to switch. Maybe it clears some things up.

Gates in court, statements about Mac support

Mac Observer has a few interesting and somewhat scary statements from Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates about how he feels about Mac support for Office in the future, and what the 9 states are proposing.
Not that I care about Office for Mac, but I know millions of Mac users do.

PC emulator gets updated

MacCentral has news on an almost totally forgotten PC emulator software for the Mac, that first surfaced at least a year ago and claimed to be really fast. As far as I remember that wasn't the case, but at least it's been updated now to version 1.7. It still won't run under OS X, but it supports more printers and more Macintosh models now. BlueLabel PowerEmulator includes an MS-DOS compatible OS, and costs only 35$ per household, using a special "family license". For those who already own a copy of BlueLabel, the update is free.

Game TV launches

Slashdot is not the only site to mention this, but their blurb is just superior. Anyway, there's a new TV channel in the US that is dedicated strictly to video-gaming. The channel, called G4 (which could also end up in a lawsuit) starts off with a Pong marathon. Ever wanted to watch other people play Pong over the TV for a whole week? Decadence is bliss.