Matrox unveils the Parhelia 512

The official Parhelia page has gone online and offers a good overview over the cards features and capabilities. Looks like a winner to me, especially in the professional graphics market, where image quality is very important. Whether it will be able to compete with nVidia's or ATI's next offerings, for gamers, remains to be seen however, especially in the price/performance area.
A first preview of the card, no NDA violating dud, can be found here.

ATA100 vs ATA133, the real difference

Tweakers.au has a comprehensive test comparing ATA 100 vs ATA 133 performance, and what the difference really is. What most people know is that ATA 133 supports bigger drives and theoretically 33MB/sec more throughput, but what does it really look like?

Apple ships GeForce 4 Titaniums

MacCentral reports that Apple is finally shipping the backlogged orders of GeForce 4 Ti cards after quite a long delay. I guess they had to push things out a little quicker now, as MWNY is approaching, and you can surely imagine that people would be fairly pissed off if they got their card only after newer and faster systems have already been announced.

Newer is back

MacCentral also notes that Newer Technology, famosu for their CPU upgrade cards, has "risen from the ashes", after having found new owners. That means we're probably going to see new upgrade innovation from these guys even this year.

Today Apple is going to announce/release rackmount server systems

but since we're a bit earlier here in Europe, the time isn't ripe yet. I'll update here as soon as I know more.
For those who can't wait MacRumors already has some interesting info. Update
MacCentral is covering the event live. The specs are out now: Dual 1GHz G4 with 4MB L3 caches, up to 2GB DDR SDRAM, 4 hot swappable ATA100 drives (hopefully on a ATA133 bus), various diagnose, maintenance and security features, a CD-ROM drive and 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports (one in a PCI slot), and 2 64bit/66MHz PCI slots. Nice.
The machine is called Xserve. The DDR-SDRAM is 266MHz (ie 2x133MHz) (that's a bit of a let-down, but maybe Apple's custom memory controller is very efficient). Prices start at 2999$ for a dual giger with 60GB HD and 256MB RAM. Aparently much cheaper than any competitor's product.
Another Update Yahoo has the press release. Check it out.
Apple has put up the product page by now. Have a look.

Coming later this year

MacCentral also has details on the Xserve RAID that Apple has announced and that is going to ship by the end of the year. Watch those specs:

3U height 
14 drive bays 
14 120GB ATA drives - in same
hot-plug format as Xserve 
Dual 2GB Fibre Channel on system 
400MB/second storage throughput 
So we'll see Xserve in June and this a little later, man, it's a great tiem to be a major system admin...gotta switch jobs:)