Old stuff first

Since I've been both lazy and busy during the last 2 weeks, here's the round up of all the really dated stuff: the register has news from Avie Tevanian on Apple's future networking and server plans as well as other business related stuff.
the register also had some comments on the Xserve.
DVE has a comparison of the PowerMac G4 933MHz vs the 2x1GHz and notes pros and cons of both machines.

Apple updated the iBook

Apple has also updated the popular iBook line of notebooks ten days ago. The new model features faster G3 chips, biggers HDs and a much improved graphics chip (now a 16MB Radeon mobility). Read on for more, here: Apple's iBook page.
MacCentral reports on the release.
and Forbes has some mumbo jumbo following the release, as well.

Rumors for MWNY

the register has some juicy rumors for the upcoming PowerMacs at (hopefully) MWNY. They think PC-2100 DDR-SDRAM and 1.5GHz G4 are feasible. Whatever you say, chief.

E3 coverage

xlr8yourmac has some links for E3 announcements and show-offs, including Unreal 2, Unreal 2003, Doom 3 etc etc. Basically very impressive stuff has been shown this year. There's also quite a lot of footage floating around on the web. Shacknews also has a lot of info on E3 and interviews with John Carmack. Aparently he's very impressed by ATI's next generation card."...but in every test we ran, ATI was faster". Now that's good news. 'cause in every book I have, they're also cheaper!
FiringSquad has some interesting E3 coverage on shooters and especially on Doom3 too.
MacGamer also has some more mac-centric reports and interviews.
TomsHardware also has every day nicely wrapped up for you to read. Surely a good site for an allround coverage on E3.

Apple iBrowser coming?

the register notes that rumors point to some interesting developments at Apple. Aparently they might be workign on an "iBrowser", working together with the developers of Mac OS X-only browser "Chimera". Of course it's all rumors, but then again I'd welcome a decent, fast and stable browser for a change. IE's java script support is horrific and Netscape crashes every 30 seconds, no matter what you do how and when. It's about time to get a really decent, non-commercial browser.

Game news

IMG has new on Mac games and E3 announcements. Various titles are about to ship, too.

Final word
Last but not least, the 1394 Trade Association finally decided to adopt "FireWire" as the brand name for the standard. So now, FireWire is FireWire everywhere, not just on Apple machines. Not sure if Sony is dropping their own name too, though.

Tip of the week
I was organizing and playing at LANFORCE III over the weekend, thus no updates then. The official website.