19" iMacs?

Digitimes has some fantastic (read: crazy) rumors about possible 17" and 19" versions of the new iMac being produced...But even with really low LCD prices, it doesn't really seem possible within an acceptable pricerange.
I'll leave the judgement up to you, or read what the register had to say.

UPS, homegrown

Dan's data has an interesting guide on how to build an UPS (uninteruptible power supply) from a few devices and a car battery. (German speaker may be more familiar with the term USV.) Interestingly enough, the piece has more capacity and is cheaper than what you can get in stores.


xlr8yourmac has various interesting newsitems, among them some impressions of QT6 and MP4 audio, problems with OS X 10.1.5 and others. Always worth a look.
Also , what might be of interest is this Inquirer article discussing the upcoming R300 chipset from ATI, which is said to be a total nVidia killer (for now at least). Have a look.

Apple releases

the register notes that Apple has posted QuickTime 6.0 as a preview version for downloading. (No MPEG 4 so far, the deal is expected to be signed sometime later this summer, before the final release).
And, even better, they also note that the eMac (all-in-one 17" CRT "iMac") is now also available for the rest of us, not only for the educational market. It should be interesting to see how well this thing sells.

Mozilla 1.0 out

the register reports that Mozilla, the long awaited browser is finally released in version 1.0 final. I downloaded it, and the first thing it did was crash, but ever since it's been stable and offers a few compelling new features, such as opening multiple webpages in one window, using tabs. (also seen in Netscape 7.0 preview, as they're based on the same code). Only downfall is that it also takes a LONG time to start up, there Explorer and the old 4.7 Netscape are still ahead of the newer browsers.

MOHAA ships

Aspyr is shipping Medal of Honor: Allied Assault for the Mac, and has also released the 1.32 patch for Return to Castle Wolfenstein, which can be found here.

UT gets another singleplayer scenario

MG reports that Team Vortex has finished work on their project "Operation Na Pali". A great new singleplayer scenario for Unreal Tournament. (free download, 158MB)