Upgrade galore

xlr8yourmac has various news on a whole flood of new CPU upgrades from PowerLogix and Sonnet: 800MHz and 1GHz PowerMac G4 AGP upgrades, also for Cubes, 700 and 733MHz versions for 100 and 133MHz system buses. A G4 800MHz upgrade for PCI PowerMacs and clones alike and last but not least a G4 500 upgrade for Wallstreet PowerBooks.
Also upgrade related might be a new card from Sonnet, which includes an ATA-133 controller, USB 2.0 and FireWire, all on a single PCI card. Neat. And this thing here is also kinda funky, although I don't exactly get the point of having a slow HD occupying a PCI slot...you tell me.
Earlier, Mike noted that QuickTime 6.0 has been released (with MPEG 4), a new driver update for ATI Retail cards and the possibility of new ATI cards being announced today. More on that later, if it turns out to be true. QT 6.0 and ATI July update are both installed on my machine already and seem to work fine, although I didn't get muhc of a speedboost, if any. QT 6 is definitely faster than 5 though.

QuickTime 6.0 out

the register has some details on the background of QuickTime 6.0 that was just released. MPEG 4 audio aparently is much smaller and of similar or better quality to MP3.

nForce 2 introduced

the register also reports that nVidia has introduced the newest lastest and greatest chipset, the nForce 2 yesterday. The chipset support DDR-400 SDRAM, up to 3GB of it, USB 2.0, FireWire, comes with a GeForce 4 MX if you want (on board) and has 2 Ethernet controllers based on 3com tech.

.Mac replaces iTools

MacNN notes that the iTools pages are currently down at Apple, which pretty much confirms recent rumors about Apple rebranding iTools to .Mac ("dot Mac"), probably picking on Microsoft's .NET campaign a bit. That probably also means there's not going to be a lot of other announcements today. (ie no PowerMacs).
Slashdot has more info and says that .Mac is going to cost $100 a year...wtf?

Real nice

MacObserver notes that Real has finally release a beta version of Real Player for Mac OS X. It took ages, but it happened. Thanks, folks.

MacWorld New York plus

MacCentral is always teh best source for up to date coverage on events at MWNY. They also note that Apple has reported a $32 Mio profit for the third fiscal quarter 2002. (I sure hope THEY don't fake the results).
There's already a lot to be seen even before the keynote.
Here's the live coverage


MOSR has various news and rumors of upcoming and past events that you might want to read before the keynote, as a tune-in so to say:)

Halo is coming - late

MG has news that Microsoft has officially announced a Mac and PC version of Halo (the game). The port is being done by Westlake aparently and is poised to ship sometime in 2003 (when nobody will care anymore).
Also Fallout 2 is coming to the Mac (after we all played it painfully on Virtual PC). Grrrr. SoF 2 is available for pre-order.
IMG also has a lot of interesting and partially MWNY related gaming news.

Short sum-up

Software: Jaguar announced and demoed, impressive at parts, shipping August 24. Rendez-vous very promising, iChat is bla, iTunes 3 available now, OS X only, iSync soon, iCal soon, Real Player for OS X beta out, Maya 4.5 on Mac first, already 25% marketshare for Alias Wavefront on Mac. Business: iTools now .mac, costs 99$ a year, includes Virex, 100MB space, backup software and various upcoming features with iSync and iCal. Uncertain what's going to happen to your e-mail address if you don't pay.

Summing up: great new software ahead, hardware seriously lacking, as always, no new PowerMacs. (maybe in August, but at what speeds, features?). G-News' rating of MWNY 2002: 4.5 out of 10.