Apple releases new PowerMacs

Apple has today released/announced a new line of PowerMacs. The entry level model now starts with Dual 867MHz G4 CPUs sharing a 133MHz bus toa RAM controller with PC-2100 DDR-SDRAM. The mid and high end models have a 166MHz bus and use PC-2700 DDR-SDRAM. They sport dual 1GHz and dual 1.25GHs G4 chips. All models now have ATA-100. Thus the Xserve architecture is now in all PowerMacs, one at 133MHz and one at 167MHz. Prices are up too, 100$ on the low end, 200$ mid and 300$ on the high end. eMacs now are available with SuperDrives and iMacs have gotten cheaper.
xlr8yourmac has some details and clarifications.
P.S: The case is basically the one seen in the leaked pics, but silver, not white. Finally sports 2x5.25" drive bays too, better late than never.
the register also noticed the release, but got the speeds wrong. Brits and numbers...
MacCentral has all the news and some comments.

OS X vs Win XP

MacWelt has compared Mac OS X to Windows XP and tries to determine the differences and pros/cons of both operating systems. Part two of the test can be found here.

Macs with Linux preinstalled

Slashdot notes that Terra soft is selling Macs with Yellow Dog Linux preinstalled, instead of Mac OS X. Aparently Xserve systems will be available soon too.

Some more MPF info

TomsHardware has some mroe info on announcements that will be made at the upcoming Microprocessor Forum in October. Aparently a hell lot of companies are going to announce a hell lot of chips:)

Linux guy praises OS X

MacCentral has some of those rare good news for Apple. Namely a guy called Paul Murphy over at LinuxWorld, who made some positive comments on Apple and OS X.

MOSR whining again

MOSR isn't happy with the new PowerMacs at all. Too bad.