Powerhouse testing

FiringSquad has tested both the new ATI Radeon 9700 PRO graphics card, as well as the brand new AMD Athlon XP 2600+ (2133MHz).
Also of interest might be their wrap up of QuakeCon 2002 here
SharkyExtreme has also been testing that card and that CPU.


BareFeats has some highly debateable benchmarks comparing the new Dual GHz DDR PowerMac against the old SDRAM one and the Xserve. You had best go over to the AppleInsider Forums for soem reasons why these tests are oly half as valid as they should be.
ArsTechnica also has a nice thread on that.
These benchmarks, while completely unrelate to the story above, are some fun looking at:)

Cheeky register

the register painfully pointed out some bad thinking over in the new PowerMac page:)...faster than light speed..lol:) This link is also required.

Being the fastest doesn't protect you from lawsuits

This interesting newsbit states that Intel has been sued by a group of nitpickers over their Pentium 4 performance. While it's true that the P4 only delivers a fraction of the IPS rate of the P3, G4 or Athlon, it's efficient cache design and extremely high clock speed still make it one of the fastest chips in the world, like it or not. So that lawsuit is basically ridiculous, as most lawsuits nowadays, unfortunately.

More Radeon 9700 reviews

Hothardware has a review of the Radeon 9700 Pro (for the PC). What is especially interesting, is that their P4 2.4GHz with DDR-SDRAM and Radeon 9000 Pro is slower than a new DP 1.25GHz PowerMac in Quake 3, with the same graphics card. I find that interesting.

Make up anything and you'll get believers

Like this guy who, after having had a little too much of something, claims that Apple's latest machines are using "overclocked" CPUs and FSBs. I'm just linking at that for the entertainment, not because there's even the slightest point to those claims.

Microsoft: oops, we did it again

Another serious security hole has been discovered around IE and Office. This time it goes as far as wiping the harddrive and spying content in files and even in the clipboard... Can't believe they're still market leader.

Jaguar review

MacCentral has reviewed Jaguar, although the official launch isn't goint to take place before after midnight today (ie. tomorrow).