Quieter PowerMacs

xlr8yourmac has a guide on how to replace the fans in the new DDR PowerMacs to reduce noise level. I don't think they're particularly loud, but some more sensitive ears have been complaining all day over at AppleInsider. Just remember that this voids your warranty and possibly increases the risk of burning the PSU, which is a very bad thing.

OS X 10.2 review

ArsTechnica has posted a detailed review of Jaguar, what it fixed and what it doesn't etc. One of the better reviews around.

OS X only booting starting 2003

the register as well as most other sites mention the news from Apple Expo Paris, that starting 2003 all new Macs will only be able to boot into OS X. Classic will still work of course, but you will no longer be able to boot into OS 9. The questions are now: How is Apple going to do this? Radically new hardware? (some certainly thinking about an x86 route) A simple Firmware entry that could be bypassed with some skill? Or even only shipping all machines without a bootable OS 9? At the keynote, which I attended for a change, Steve Jobs said that all Macs, including faster models of the current machines, will only boot into OS X starting 1.1.2003. That sounds like a simple Firmware change to me.

Maxtor prepares "Dicke Berta"

the register reports that Maxtor is preparing to ship a new Ultra-ATA harddrive with a huge 320GB of space and a very reliable mechanism. The drive is only 5400rpm so far, but has an MTBF of more than one million hours of operation time. Ideal for storing Divx and Mp3 collections:)

Apple Expo Paris 2002

Here and here are some pictures of Apple Expo 2002 in Paris. The latter are the oney I took, including some Eiffel tower etc. Keynote pictures can be found at the first link.
The Keynote itself was rather boring and basically a rehash of the MWNY announcements, with a few differences: Xerox and Canon have joined the alliance to include Rendez-vous into their network printers. And Philips is planning to release home entertainment electronics complying to the standard as well (VCRs, HiFi Stereos etc). And Macs will only boot into OS X starting 2003.

More AMD delays

the register has more news on yet another round of delays from AMD. Both their 64 and 32bit chips have slipped into Q1 2003 instead of Q4 2002...

Apple news

Slashdot has a lot of interesting stuff around Apple, the OS and various other topics. Always interesting stuff to read. Have a look.

Dungeon Siege coming to the Mac

MacGamer has great news for RPG fans, as DS is finally coming to the Mac. Dungeon Siege was a rather big hit in the PC market earlier that year and is a very nice and beautiful game, as far as I saw it in the 10% demo.

How useful is dual?

This report takes a look at how dual machines really are faster and enhance productivity. They also look at the benefits of gigabit ethernet compared to 100mbit.