Machines tested with

I've tested and reviewed almost all upgrades on both a Beige G3 (Gossamer) and a Blue& White G3 (Yosemite).

Beige G3:

  • Apple PowerMac G3 AV Minitower
  • CPU: G3 266 overclocked to 300MHz, 512KB Backside cache at 2:1 ratio
  • Motherboard: Gossamer, 66MHz Bus, 33MHz PCI Bus, ATA3 interface (16.7MB/sec), SCSI 1 interface (5MB/sec), ADB and serial ports, AV in and out
  • Revision: originally a Rev. A machine (Rage2+ graphics), upgraded with a Rev. C ROM
  • RAM: 448MB of mixed PC-66 and PC-100 SDRAM
  • Graphics: Dual Screen setup, first screen on a Voodoo3 2000 PCI @ 157MHz, 16MB, 800x600 @32bit, beta 11 drivers, second screen on the Rage 2+, 6MB, 1024x768 @16bit (not used for testing)
  • Harddrives: master and startupdisk: IBM 75GXP 45GB @ 7200 rpm on internal IDE bus (16.7MB/sec max), slave: original Western Digital Caviar 6GB @ 5400 rpm (not used for testing), 9GB IBM SCSI drive on 5MB/sec SCSI port (not used for testing)
  • System Software: Mac OS 8.6, OpenGL 1.2.1
  • Special notes: System is equipped with 2 extra case fans and a CPU fan, an AsanteFast 10/100Mbit Ethernetcard and a Voodoo1 4MB card (for old games). Also installed are a 32x CD-ROM, a Zip Drive, a CD-RW drive and an external 2x SCSI CD-ROM. The Floppy has been removed.
  • Virtual Memory is off

Blue&White G3:

  • Apple PowerMac G3 Yosemite CPU: G3 350, 1MB Backside cache at 2:1 ratio
  • Motherboard: Yosemite, 100MHz Bus, 33MHz PCI, 66MHz PCI for graphics, Ulta DMA 33 interface (33MB/sec), USB, FireWire, ADB
  • Revision: Rev. A machine, thus erratic slave drive behavior (read-write errors)
  • RAM: 256MB PC-100 SDRAM
  • Graphics: ATI Rage 128, 16MB, Rev. A (slow core speed, 75MHz or so, I think) in 66MHz PCI slot, 1024x768 @32bit
  • Harddrives: master and startupdisk: Replacement IBM 12.7 GB @5400 rpm, slave: 25GB IBM @ 7200 rpm (not used or useable for testing)
  • System Software: Mac OS 9.0.4, OpenGL 1.2.1 and ATI drivers that come with it.
  • Special Notes: The faulty ATA bus should not have affected the tests, as only the working master drive was used. The slow ATI card hit the wall quite soon, but more on that in the tests. Also installed: 24x CD-ROM, Zip Drive
  • Virtual Memory is off

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