"The Mess" unveiled

Today I suddenly felt like writing some HTML, so I decided to write a completely useless article for a change. I know some of you probably think all my articles were useless so far, but this will beat everything that has been there before.
There we go
So, have you ever wondered what the rooms of others look like? Have you ever felt that you live in a mess full of scraps of paper, dirty coffee cups and empty CD cases?
Well, I do wonder why I always live in a mess. I couldn't exactly claim that I'm unhappy with it, but I can say that my parents are unhappy. So what this article is all about is basically one thing: I'll show you how I work and what that looks like.
Note: "work" is not quite the right expression, after all G-News is only a private news site and I do not earn anything from it, still I consider it work.
So, you all know what G-News is about. You have seen parts of my Macs, you have heard what tortures the were exposed to and you know that I update (almost) daily.
In return for your regular reading habits, I'm going to unveil me and my room. Luckily I recently had the opportunity to take a few pictures with a digital camera, so I'll even have a few pictures for you.
G3 corner veteran corner accessoires
That is my fellow G3 with its 2 monitors attached to it, that's where all the work is done. Those are my 6200 "Monica" and a 8100/110av "Patchwork", they share an Apple 13" monitor, keyboard and mouse. And these are all the parts that keep things going. Remember to never throw away the box your Mac came with...

There are also another 8100/100 and 2 partial 840avs standing around. If you want a 840av, just let me know.
What are all those for?
That is a question I can't really answer you. The purpose of the G3 is clear, the 6200 serves as removable drive, since I still have the Harddrives of the other 6200s. Switching an ATA harddrive is a piece of cake, and over Ethernet, backup speed is pretty nice.
The 8100/110av is actually not mine, I only tinkered it together for a friend as a backup computer. It has a whopping 72MB of RAM and the AV card from the 8100/100 (originally), but it only has an old 500MB SCSI harddrive. I'm waiting for my friend to return from China so he can buy a bigger harddrive. All I'lldo then is put it in, load a system and say byebye to that wonderful Mac. I'll then restore the 8100/100. I'm expecting to get it done with 32MB RAM and the 500MB HD and the Ethernet card. That is still pretty fine to host some games in a 2-Mac-LAN. (most Blizzard games run well for example).
The others are currently useless, the Quadras lacking RAM and Harddrives, the 6200s lacking almost everything by now.
What you can't see is the TV in the corner, pretty nice to run Nanosaur on it or other Rage2+ capable games (G3 is AV as well). The bass speaker-amplifier is also invisible on the pictures. This one is nice for all first person shooters...feel that rocket.
That is about it already. As I said, completely useless. But I hear some of you guys like to see some privacy on the net. That is what you get.
Bensch Blaser, 01/26/2000