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Keynote: Hardware
- iBook:
$1199 500MHz CD
$1499 600MHz Combo Drive
$1799 14in iBook 600Mhz 256MB, 20HD, Combo Drive, 1.33in, under 6 pound

- iMac:
3 years, 6 million iMac sold
Redesigned, 15" LCD flatpanel, 1024x768, G4, SuperDrive, GeForce2 MX 32 MB, 2 USB, 2 FireWire, ethernet, modem, mic, headphone, internal speaker
$1299, G4 700MHz, 128MB, 40HD, CD-RW
$1499, G4 700MHz, 256MB, 40HD, Combo
$1799, G4 800MHz, 256MB, 60HD, SuperDrive
1000 orders already

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Keynote: Digital Hub
- Strategy introduced last year
- Computer becomes the center of the Digital Hub
- Last 12 month: iMovies 1 & 2, iTunes 1 & 2, iDVD 1 & 2. Brief demo
- iPhoto: simplifies Import - Edit - Print; Save - Organize - Share
- iPhoto demo
- iPhoto intergration with iTools, automatic generates a web photo ablum
- iPhote online ordering for photo and photo albums
- iPhoto ad
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Keynote: All new Macs will boot up in OS X
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Keynote: George Lucas taped message. Animatic on Mac OS X
- Maya on OS X
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Keynote: Mike from Aspire (shipped more games than anyone else last year)
Harry Potter demo RoTC, Spiderman, Star Wars Galactic Battleground, The Sims: Hot Date
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Keynote: Mathematica demo. Quartz rendering engine
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Keynote: Final Cut Pro 3 demo. Real-time editing
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Keynote: Palm to OS X sync demo
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Keynote: Adobe
AfterEffect 5.5. GoLive 6, new Photoshop demo, InDesign 2.0 release candidate status
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Kaynote: OSX 2500 Apps to date
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Keynote: Last quarter recap
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Online news update
It may take some time until the online news page fits into the new layout/design, but I'm working on it. after all it's rarely used anyway, and will only be important in July...I'm not saying anything more on that topic.
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New Powermac with USB2.0, IEEE 1394b, DDR SDRAM
The Register reports that Apple might be planning to implementing UBS 2.0, IEEE 1394b, and DDR SDRAM technologies into the new Powermacs that will be released in January. This machine is also reported to be designed around the new PowerPC 8500 chip, aka the G5. However, word has it that the G4 Apollo chip is on standby just incase the G5 does not come through.

The Register
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Creative Labs has released the latest product in their Sound Blaster line, the Sound Blaster Audigy. The Audigy features a brand new sound precessor in 3 years and have a ton of new features. The only downside is that when it comes to 3D sounds, the A3D technology still beats it. The card comes in 4 different versions: MP3, Gamer, Platinum, Platinum eX. Check out the lengthy review at Firing Squad

Firing Squad
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Sorry about the lack of updates. I've been so friggin busy...
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GeForce 3 Roundup
Got too much money? Don't know which GeForce 3 to buy? Well, this article is for you! Read and find out!

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1.2 GHz Pentium III
Intel has introduced the 1.2 GHz of their Pentium II line. This chips, however, is based on a new core called "Tualati" instead of "Coppermine" Mobile, Server, and Desktop versions are available.

Firing Squad
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Macworld Keynote Announcements!
This is a pretty boring Macworld Keynote announcement. However, they did introduce some hardwares:
500 Mhz, 20 Gig HD, 128 Megs RAM, CDRW $999
600 Mhz, 40 Gig HD, 256 Megs RAM, CDRW $1299
700 Mhz. 60 Gig HD, 256 Megs RAM, CDRW $1499

Powermac G4
733 Mhz, 128 Megs, 40 Gig, GF2, CDRW $1699
867 Mhz 2 Meg L3 Cache, 128 Megs, 60 Gig, GF2, SuperDrive $2499
Dual 800 Mhz, Dual 2 Meg L3 Cache, 256 Megs, 80 Gig, GF2 Dual display, SuperDrive $3499

Want one? Go to the Apple Store

Apple Store
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CPU/Video card Prices
Same thing, from AnandTech, our other friendly neighborhood hardware site.

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Memory/CPU Prices
As usual, our friendly neighborhood hardware site SharkyExtreme has posted their weekly Memory and CPU prices. If you are in the market (like me) it'll be worthwhile to check it out.

Sharky CPU
Sharky Memory
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PC CPU Overclocking Comparison
FiringSquad posted a comparison of The Latest Pentium 4 and Athlon CPUs. Want to know which is the fastest? Read on!

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ATI SmartShader
ATI announced their new SmartShader . According to The Register, "Smartshader is essentially just ATI's answer to Nvidia's nFiniteFX programmable graphics engine". Head over for a more details

The Register
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