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Catching up

the register has some news of nVidia bringing their GeForce FX chipset to the mobile market under the name GeForce FX Go 5200 and 5600.
DVE has an interesting article on how badly optimized (or NOT optimized) some Adobe software seems to be on SMP systems. They compare single CPU Macs with Dual CPU models in FCP, Combustion and After Effects...Interesting wile FCP gets almost 72% performance boost, After Effects scores a mere 11% more on a dual machine... Too bad.
MacBidouille has news that the next version of RealPC, the "a-little-less-popular" PC emulator will be OS X compatible and be MUCH faster than anything ever seen before, since it will be based on their Solaris version. Let's hope it's not just a rumor.
MacBidouille also had rumored preliminary benchmarks of PPC 970 PowerMac prototypes, showing incredible performance boosts compared to G4 based systems. The result of this news was huge amounts of speculation on the AppleInsider boards, but no confirmation as of now.
The Inquirer was fed up with Microsoft imitating Apple with their newest "Athens PC" design, a joint-venture with HP, and wrote an angry article.
the register has some interesting news on the future of the G3 processor, that is still being developped further by IBM, and is expected to hit 1GHz+ soon in its next "Gobi" iteration.

Windows history

Neowin has an interesting article about the history of Windows all the way from Windows 1.0 to todays versions. It's interesting to see the GUI develop from basically nothing to something more or less usable:D

Radeon 9700 Pro OEM Mac test

xlr8yourmac had the first test of the new king of graphics cards in the Mac market. The card is considerably faster than most of the competition, but as some tests have shown later on, the GeForce4 Ti seems to be faster for the UT2k3 Demo.

PPC 970 article

Ars technica has posted their second part of the "pre-release" PPC 970 discussion, featuring a lot of interesting, yet partially speculative information on how it will work and perform. A must read for every tech geek.

Graphics card benchmakr cheating booming

the register notes that, after nVidia was found to have cheated with their drivers/benchmarks, now also ATI admitted it had "optimized" the drivers to produce better 3Dmark2003 scores...shame on your both. Don't screw your customers, make your cards cheaper!

Game news

IMG has been busy posting a lot of interesting news around Mac gaming. Too muhc to list here, but worth noting. For example: UT2k3 demo having been released, UT OS X being developped by Epic, Glenda Adams leaving Westlake and joining Aspyr, lot of new games coming up etc etc.

Confusion about 802.11g

MacCentral notes that some confusion has arisen through the redefinition of 802.11g (the final version) to be a 20mbit/sec standard, as opposed to a 54mbit/sec standard. Aparently the throughput is still the same though, just that now the actual data rate is being quoted, instead of the whole traffic capacity.